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comprehensive Background Checks Made Simple


Prime Elite Services background check results are in large part based on the total specific personal information that is given about inquired persons. These results may vary due to the nation wide and local searches for individuals that may have the same name. To net a better search, we ask that you provide the: Social Security Number,  First, Middle, Last Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Email Address, Date of Birth and More.  



Prepare from your files and resources to gather all specific information about those whom your search inquire will be fore.  For better comprehensive search we ask that you provide the:

  • Social Security Number

  • First, Middle

  • Last Name

  • Billing Address

  • Phone Numbers

  • Email Address

  • Date of Birth

  • and More. 



Fill out Prime Elite's comprehensive form with all gathered information. Pool all of the documents required and submit your entry. There are fields that are required such as Name, Phone Number and Address.



Once the form is filled out and submitted our representatives will contact you with-in a 72 hour period as we search through the national and local databases for your comprehensive search. In such time you will receive a confirmation email once payment is made after submission.


With-in the 72 hour window of time, we will gather all search results to ensure that we have the right individual by verification. Once verification is confirmed, we will deliver a briefing on your inquiry. You will also, be sent per confirming search, a detailed report of filings through email.


Your payment for this search covers a vast nation wide and local search that may net a percentage result of success that is compiled by the information that has been given. Once confirmation has been made for identity, we will run the report which has a service fee that is included in your payment for the initial search. There will be an additional charge if we need to provide another report for a different individual. 

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