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With over 25 years of industry experience in the securing assets, Prime Elite Services strategize and implements custom security packages to give our clients the confidence they need, when they need it the most.




one of Prime Elite Services (PES) core services are to provide access control security and fire and life safety services for our clients in commercial real estate. From the start, PES has been dedicated to improving on-site security for high-rise commercial office buildings, major corporate facilities, and company headquarters. Today, PES offers the finest private security force available for all types of access control and fire life safety protection of commercial and residential high rise buildings.  



Prime Elite Services secures your campus with highly-trained security professionals and state-of-the-art technology so you can focus on creating a safe environment for your students, faculty and staff.


Our Campus Security services include:


  • Highly trained and personable security professionals who consistently act with the student and faculty experience in mind. We take a leadership role in all incident management and safety patrols including parking enforcement and student/visitor escorts.

  • Access control solutions to manage visitors and provide lock-out assistance when necessary.


No matter if your school is large or small, public or private, urban, suburban or rural, Prime Elite Services understands your security concerns.




We understand the potential risks faced by religious, cultural, political and special interest organizations. Our solutions provide religious facilities such as churches, synagogues, temples, mosques membership lodges and clubs a sense of security while reducing those risks.


According to the FBI, hate crimes are on the rise, making security at religious institutions a growing priority. Churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and organizations the like are all targets where potential violence against members and property must be mitigated.


Prime Elite Services offers effective security solutions that support our clients’ requirements. The nature of religious institutions is that they are meant to provide an atmosphere conducive to the spiritual and cultural needs of the community. The nature of religious institutions is that are meant to provide an atmosphere conducive to the spiritual and cultural needs of the community. Specialized security should be visible enough to deter bad actors but blend into the surrounding of the organization and facility.


Prime Elite Services works with religious institutions, membership clubs, organizations and associations throughout the tri-state area.



According to the latest statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, construction sites — along with vacant homes — are the most vandalized and burglarized sites in the country.

In view of statistics such as this, it’s clear that there’s a need to have a competent and effective construction security strategy in place. One of the primary concerns of any construction site manager is access, especially when the construction crew is not on the site.



We know that you strive for compliance to business protocol and ethical business conduct on a daily basis. Stanley ? can help you document and capture event activities when needed so you can focus on running your business. We've solved physical security challenges for all types of retailers, from local specialty retailers to national grocers to global department stores.  



Prime Elite Services special events staff supports a range venues such as political conventions, awards shows, trade shows and corporate marketing and sales events; providing unparalleled safety, security, and presence at any event.

We will assist you with advance planning, threat assessment and issue prevention; crowd control; and when necessary,(ADD)? and crisis response. Our highly experienced account teams are skilled at understanding and planning.

the event security process, while our security associates are trained to maintain a polite and professional demeanor, all the while assuring the safety and security of all event attendees.

Prime Elite Services team is ready to alleviate the stress surrounding the security of your events by providing a fully trained, licensed, insured and professional staff.

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